Functional Service Provider (FSP)

Data Management

Our data management services include database design, build, and validation, as well as data cleaning, coding, and standardization.

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Our team of biostatisticians provides expert statistical consultation, analysis, and reporting to support our clients' clinical trials.

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Clinical/Statistical Programming

We offer clinical and statistical programming services, including developing customized SAS and R code for generation of SDTM, ADaM, and TFLs.

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Data Analytics and Visualization

Our data analytics and visualization services include the development of interactive dashboards and reports using tools such as R Shiny, Spotfire, and Tableau.

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CDISC Data Standards Implementation

Our team facilitates CDISC standardization to streamline data submissions, improve data sharing, and enhance the efficiency of clinical research and healthcare practices.

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Medical Writing

Our medical writing services include the development of clinical study reports, protocols, and regulatory documents such as the Clinical Study Report (CSR), Investigational New Drug (IND), and New Drug Application (NDA).

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What we do better

At Clymb Clinical, we are committed to providing customized solutions that meet our clients' specific needs and ensure the successful completion of their clinical trials. By using this model, companies can access a broad range of specialized expertise and resources without incurring the overhead costs and management challenges of building an internal team.

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    Cost Savings

    Companies can reduce their overhead costs by outsourcing specific functions or tasks to external service providers, rather than building an internal team.

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    Access to specialized expertise

    Companies can access a broad range of specialized expertise and resources through external service providers, allowing them to complete complex tasks more efficiently and effectively.

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    The FSP model allows companies to scale their resources up or down based on project needs, without incurring the overhead costs of maintaining a full-time team.

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    Increased Focus

    By outsourcing specific functions or tasks, companies can focus their internal resources on core competencies and strategic initiatives, rather than on peripheral functions.


Got Questions? We've Got Answers

How does Clymb differentiate between an FSP vs. an Outsourcing model?

In the FSP model, you gain customized control over data, timelines, and processes through an insourced approach. This allows your team to shift its focus from day-to-day project work to strategic decision-making. The emphasis is on dedicated project resources, guided by Clymb's Project Manager, making it adaptable for pharmaceutical companies of any size.

While the Outsourcing model with Clymb concentrates on specific data functions, departing from the conventional CRO "Data 2nd" model. It offers competitive pricing achieved through Clymb's automation and low-cost and mid-cost centers, resulting in significant cost savings. Leveraging automation ensures expedited timelines for quicker access to data, making it highly effective for niche projects and specialized tasks that require dedicated attention.

What is your experience in statistical analysis of clinical trials, including specific therapeutic areas and clinical development phase?

At Clymb Clinical, we bring extensive experience to the statistical analysis of clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas and clinical development phases. Our team of seasoned Biometrics and Medical Writing experts has successfully contributed to numerous clinical trials, spanning from early-phase research to late-phase trials and post-marketing studies. Our experience encompasses therapeutic areas such as oncology, immunology, cardiology, infectious diseases, rare diseases, neuroscience, and many others.


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