Open Source Solutions

Driving Innovations with Open Source Solutions

We have extensive experience working with R and Python packages. These are approved and available under the CDISC Open Source Alliance (COSA) directory and the pharmaverse platform where we provide support on the following packages:


A data visualization package used to create complex and customized graphs and charts for data analysis.


A data manipulation package used to streamline data management tasks such as filtering, grouping, and summarizing data.


A data manipulation package used to reshape data into tidy formats for analysis.


An R package used to create interactive web applications and dashboards for data visualization and analysis.


An open source project to map CDASH to SDTM and generate synthetic data.


(ADaM In R Asset Library) - Modular framework to generate ADaM via R functions relying on community contributions


An easy to use rule editor to allow data scientists to author rules in YAML, check and test the rule against the Conformance Rule Schema standard, and then publish the rule.

Open Study Builder

A new approach to working with studies that once fully implemented, will drie end-to-end consistency and more efficient processes.


A table formatting framework that provides the means to flexibly design and build mock results summaries.


 In addition to utilizing open source solutions, our leadership sits on the CDISC Open source Alliance (COSA) board, a community-driven platform that promotes the use of open source software in clinical research. The COSA project directory includes a wide range of open source solutions, including data management and analysis tools, standardization tools, and regulatory submission

By leveraging open source solutions and being part of the R, Python and COSA community, we are able to provide flexible and customized solutions to our clients that are both efficient and cost-effective. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest open source technologies and techniques to ensure that our clients have access to the most innovative solutions for their clinical trial needs.

Accelerating Clinical Trials With Data-Driven Insights